Aussie Organics Premium Potting Mix

Aussie Organics Premium Potting Mix is formulated from selected organic materials. With added controlled release fertilisers, trace elements and wetting agent to provide your plants with the best possible growing conditions. Premium Potting Mix is suitable to use in all types of containers, large or small.

Below is a list of some of the benefits of using our Premium Potting Mix:



  • Can be used for indoor & outdoor plants
  • Controlled release fertilisers added for up to 9 months
  • Perfect balance of nutrients for healthy plant growth
  • Wetting agent included, which assist withwater penetration
  • Suitable for use in tubs, hanging baskets – repotting & planting
  • Can be used for planting a wide range of potted colour, herbs, vegetables, citrus and fruit trees – as well as some Aussie natives.


Application & Rates

Average usage rates for individualpot sizes:
1OOmm pot – 0.5 litre; l5Omm pot – 1 litre
200mm pot – 4 litres; 25Omm pot – 12 litres
300mm pot – 20 litres; 35Omm pot – 28 litres


Repotting Tips

  • Water plants thoroughly before repotting
  • Partially fill the pot with Premium Potting Mix
  • Fill the pot with new mix, pressing down gently
  • Select a new pot, slightly larger than the original
  • Place plant in the desired position
  • Water in thoroughly


Bulk Density 500kg/m’
Organic Matter 54%
pH 6.5 – 7.5
Total Nitrogen 0.5%
Major Nutrients % (dry weight)
Calcium Ca 0.99
Magnesium Mg 0.1
Phosphorus P 0.09
Potassium K 0.33
Sodium Na 0.08
Sulphur S 0.02
Minor Nutrients mg/kg (dry weight)
Boron B 27
Copper Cu 21
Iron Fe 4650
Manganese Mn 66
Zinc Zn 43

Product Details

Aussie Organics Premium Potting Mix is a premium grade potting mix that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is made from selected quality organic materials, including composted animal manure, worm castings, and peat moss. It also contains controlled release fertiliser, trace elements, and a wetting agent to provide your plants with the best possible growing conditions.

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